๐ŸŽฎGame Rules

Move to earn Rules:

In order to earn money by moving and doing excercise, users must download Movemoon app first

Visit: https://bit.ly/3Nk2Pb0

(The app will be available on Android and iOS soon)

Then, connect your metamask wallet to pick sneakers and start moving

There are 4 types of sneakers: Walker, Jogger, Runner, Trainer

Each type of sneaker has a distinct speed range so you need to maintain your speed within that range to earn 100% of daily rewards

Rewards are fixed every day

Users must run or walk at least 30 minutes per day (the sneaker has an energy bar that is gradually depleted in minutes) + maintain their speed within the sneakerโ€™s speed range to claim all daily rewards

NFT prices (calculated based on IDO price) and the amount of time to recoup capital are analyzed in the table below:

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